Be a Dental Assistant in Texas

Be a dental assistant in Texas by following these steps.

All of this information and more can be found on the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners website.

Click on the following link for more details or read on.

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There are two steps to complete in order to receive your RDA in Texas:  Apply at the above listed website and then pay the initial fee to activate.



When your RDA application, supporting documents and Application Fee ($30) are received by the SBDE for processing, the registration process will begin.Your $30 payment is processed first.  Your information is then entered into the Dental Board computer system.  You will be assigned an RDA Registration Number.  Your RDA Certificate status will be “Expired” until you pay your Initial Renewal Fee.  Paying the Initial Renewal Fee is also called “activating” your  RDA.  This fee will range between $5 and $40.Your first RDA Certificate expiration date will be the last day of the month you were born in.Initial Renewal Fee (Activating)
The Initial Renewal Fee is a prorated fee that must be paid after your $30 initial application is paid and after you have been assigned an RDA Number.  This fee is required to bring you current and active for the first year of your registration.Your first RDA Certificate will expired any time within 2 to 17 months after being issued.



Activate (Pay Your Initial Renewal Fee)
Once you have been assigned an RDA Registration Number, you can pay your Initial Renewal Fee online or after you receive your Activation Form in the mail – pay by mail.  If you pay online do not pay by mail.

Option 1:   Pay your Initial Renewal Fee ONLINE to Activate Your RDA Certificate:
NOTE:  An RDA Registration Number MUST be assigned to you before you can pay your Initial Renewal Fee.The Initial Renewal Fee will range between $5 and $40.  You will need to create a online user account first then pay your fee.  You will be given an opportunity to print a receipt at the end of your online session.When your Initial Renewal Fee (activation) has been paid, you will receive your new certificate within 14 business days.Pay online at:


Option 2 –  Pay your Initial Renewal Fee BY MAIL to Activate Your RDA Certificate:
(Do not pay by mail if you pay online)

When you receive your Activation Form in the mail you need to:

1)  Verify that your name is spelled correctly and your address is accurate.  Note any changes on the form.

2)  Mail the Activation Form and Initial Renewal Fee (noted at the bottom of the form) back to the Dental Board for final processing.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of your paperwork. Dental Board Staff are not be able to verify receipt of your fees until they are posted to your registration record.  When the fees are posted to your record, a registration certificate will be generated and mailed to you.


If after receiving your RDA in Texas, you wish to become a National Board Certified Dental Assistant so that you credentialed to work in any state, you would be required to pass one of the 15 approved programs in Texas.  You then become eligible to take the three Dental Assistant National Board Certification Tests.  

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